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75mm One to More Rubber Strip Extrusion Line
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75mm One to More Rubber Strip Extrusion Line

1. 75mm General Type Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

(1) Screw diameter: 90mm, L/D: 16

(2) Max. screw speed: 45rpm

(3) Material of screw barrel: 38CrMoAl, Nitriding treatment

(4) Rubber feed type: Auto cold feed with roller

(5) Cold feed structure: auto feed roller + cold feed zone

(6) Motor power: 37kw, inverter control speed

(7) Temperature control: Screw inside with water, barrel with water, feed zone withwater

(8) Equipped with 3 sets of water thermoregulation unit

(9) Barrel structure: pin type cold feed

(10) Output: 200-300kg

(11) Dimension: 2200(L) x 1000(W) x 1500(H)

(12) Weight: 2200kg

2. 6m Cooling Trough

(1)  Specially aim at cooling the unvulcanized extrusion rubber.

(2)  Working center height: 950mm

(3)  Spray header: 32

(4) Spray header form: umbrella-type

(5)  Water route: using stainless steel route.

(6)  Driven motor power: 0.75kw

(7)  Driven roller material: 304 stainless steel

(8)  Driven roller can adjust.

(9)  Transmission belt material: SPVC

(10) Air pump power: 0.5kw

(11) Drying vane: using aluminum loop

(12) Air elbow pipe number: 8-10

(13) Water trough material: 304 stainless steel

(14) The bottom of the water tank equipped with buffer tank to store cycling water.

(15) Cycling water pump power: 0.75kw

(16) Overall dimension: 5700(L) x 600(W) x 1300(H)mm

(17) Weight: 800kg

3. Hob Cutting Machine

(1) Front transmission motor power: inverter motor 0.75kw, using inverter controller

(2) Front transmission form: conveyor transfer

(3) Front effective length: 800mm

(4) End transmission motor power: servo motor 0.75kw, using servo controller

(5) End transmission form: conveyor transfer

(6) End effective length: 2500mm

(7) With meter calculator

(8) Cutting form: Hob cutting

(9) Hob cutting driven form: servo motor 1.1kw

(10) Cutting controlled by servo controller

(11) Can automatic cutting and manual cutting

(12) Center height:1000mm

(13) Overall dimension: 3600(L) x800(W) x 1400(H) mm

(14) Weight: 800kg