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90mm Rubber Profile And Hose Extrusion Line
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90mm Rubber Profile And Hose Extrusion Line

1. 90mm Cold Feed Rubber Extruder

(1) Feed type: Cold force feeding

(2) Feed zone cold media: By water

(3) Feed cleaning type: Cover is easy to be opened and closed

(4) Feed structure: Auto feed with roller

(5) Roller material: 38CrMoAl, nitride treatment

(6) Roller surface hardness: Nitride treatment, HRC 55

(7) Both sides of roller thread type: Reverse thread

(8) Screw diameter: Φ90mm

(9) Screw effective length: 90x16D=1440mm

(10) Screw and barrel structure: General type

(11) Screw and barrel heat and cold media: By water

(12) Screw and barrel thermoregulation unit: 3 zones, 6kw x 3

(13) Screw and barrel material: 38CrMoAlA

(14) Screw and barrel surface hardness: Nitride treatment, HRC 55

(15) Screw rotation speed: 0-43 rpm

(16) Output: 300-350 kg/h

(17) Gearbox type: Hard surface gears

(18) AC motor: 55kw

(19) Extrusion die: Change die can be make different size

(20) Machine frame: Square steel, steel board

(21) Weight: 2600 kg

(22) Dimension: 2500(L) x 1050(W) x 1600(H)

2. D-type Extrusion head

(1) Material: 38CrMoAl, surface nitriding treatment

(2) Extrusion mode: extrusion by direct

(3) Temperature control mode: water temperature control unit

(4) Changing different dies can extrude different products

(5) With head support

3. Microwave Vulcanization Machine

(1) Microwave output power: 0-12kw, adjustable control

(2) No. of microwave sources: 12 sets,Toshiba of Japan, Thailand

(3) Microwave source power: 0-1kw, continuously adjustable

(4) Microwave frequency: 2450 + / - 50MHz

(5) Microwave input mode: waveguide feed in

(6) No. of waveguide tubes: 12 sets

(7) High voltage transformer power: 1.5kw

(8) Microwave source cooling: water cooling

(9) Microwave linkage mechanism: when thelid is not properly closed, microwave cannot start; Microwave stopped working when no products were detected in the microwave sulfide box

(10) Electric heating power: U-type, 24kw

(11) Vulcanization box slot temperature:room temperature to 250 ℃

(12) High temperature fan: power 1.1kw, speed 2890rpm

(13) High temperature fan air volume: 1200m3/h

(14) Temperature control form: RKC intelligent temperature control meter, SSR control

(15) Transportation: Teflon belt

(16) Transmission band width: 140mm

(17) Transmission motor power: 0.75kw, reduction motor, variable frequency control and speed control

(18) Frequency converter: ABB

(19) Contactor: Schneider

(20) Microwave generation control: Siemens PLC, Siemens touch screen

(21) Transmission speed: 0 ~ 25m/min

(22) Product channel size: 220mm (W) x100mm (H)

(23) Product transmission height: 1000mm

(24) Inside: stainless steel material is adopted

(25) Outside the box body: spray plastic treatment, beautiful and generous

(26) Case cover: aluminum plate is adopted, with spring button on the back and cast iron hinge, which is light and convenient

(27) Outer dimensions: 8900(L) x 720(W) x1270(H) mm

(28) Gross weight: 2000kg

4. Hot-air vulcanization machine (8.9m)

(1) Heating type by hot air

(2) Electrical heating power: U type heating tube, 30kw

(3) Hot air temperature: room temperature - 240℃

(4) Transmission speed: 0 – 28.5m/min

(5) Transmission type: Teflon belt

(6) Transmission motor: 0.75kw, inverter control speed

(7) Equipped with high temperature fan

(8) Fan shell is aluminum

(9) Product conveying height: 1000mm

(10) Product channel size: 200(W) x 150(H) mm

(11) Inside tank of material: stainless steel 304

(12) Surface of vulcanization tank: spray plastic treatment, beautifully

(13) Cover of vulcanization tank: aluminum plate, spring and buckle collocation, cast iron hinge, light and convenient

(14) Insulation material: thermal insulation cotton

(15) External dimensions: 8900 (L) x 720 (W) x 1270 (H) mm

(16) Weight: 1200kg

5. 4m Cooling water trough

(1) Trough material: stainless steel 304

(2) Nested structure of inner and outer flume

(3) Spray and immersion cooling

(4) Circulating water pump flow 190L / min

(5) Bottom storage tank material: stainless steel 304

(6) Schneider contactor

(7) Drying fan: 0.37kw

(8) Center height: 1000mm

(9) Overall dimension: 4000 (L) X360 (W) x 1000 (H) mm

(10) Weight: 500kg

6. Haul off

(1) Traction mode: multi wedge belt traction

(2) Motor power: 0.75KW, frequency conversion control, ABB

(3) Adjustable traction clearance: 0 - 60mm

(4) Meter counting device: OMRON

(5) Contactor: Schneider

(6) Speed control: Siemens PLC, with main electric control and Siemens touch screen operation

(7) Equipped with feed guide

(8) Center height: 1000mm

(9) Overall dimension: 1000 (L) x760 (W) x 1600 (H) mm

(10) Weight: 600kg